Description for our service

We offers one of the leading solutions in fuel management system with a high prestige among our clients in Africa. This solution include:

Fuel Filtration:
  • Multi-functional- Gensets, kidney system.
  • Static and mobile filtration solution.
Fuel Management:
  • Fuel and lubes are only dispensed into pre-authorized vehicles and equipment.
  • Communication between the telemetry unit (TU) and the pump controller.
  • Communication with the database via LAN, internet and WI-FI.
  • Quick approval process.
  • Real time validation and updating of fuel transactions.
  • Easy access to real-time consumption and cloud -based data.
  • System-generated and customized reporting.
  • Metering.

Tank Gauging:
Our solution can accommodate a variety of level probes and provides a range of comprehensive automatic tank gauging solution which include:

  • Multiple technology field
  • Mobile and static tank gauging solution
  • Basic tank gauging
  • Advance gauging
  • Automatic leak detection, alarm, alert and pump control
  • Remote access and stock control.